New Phoenix Case Filed, Arizona in Litigation Against Self

Posted on December 6, 2008 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

Despite being a defendant in the case, state Treasurer Dean Martin is backing a new Arizona lawsuit challenging the state’s decision to raid nearly $30 million from local municipalities to help fix Arizona’s budget mess. This is in spite of already being challenged by my fellow farmers for ‘stealing’ some Arizona County farm set-asides.  WOW!

Martin, claiming the state’s action was unconstitutional, sent a letter directing the Attorney General’s Office from Phoenix to file a legal brief in support of the lawsuit. The Maricopa County Court must rule in favor of the Plaintiff’s in order to promote the rule of law. In essence, Martin is saying to the Plaintiff- you win!

He urged the Maricopa County Courts to rule that budget bills, narrowly passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, violate a clause in the Arizona Constitution that prohibits raising taxes or boosting spending without two-thirds approval from both the House and Senate. Martin said he wanted the court to expand the case to toss out other budget provisions related to items such as surcharges for defensive-driving school and fees for traffic-camera tickets.

 The law firm of William A. Miller, Esq. in Scottsdale supports 100% Martin’s decision as well as the farm law suits pending. Call Bill for your legal needs at 602-319-6899.

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