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Posted on September 15, 2011 in Arizona Law Regarding Business Disputes

A new group has made even Karl Marx do ‘back flips’ in his state owned grave. Politicians get asked all the time to sign pledges — about war, abortion, taxes and countless other issues. Now, a coalition of far left legal groups is asking people to sign a new pledge “to support the whole Constitution.”

These groups have dishonored the document for years-and-years by appointing those Judges who ‘legislate from the bench’ and think the Constitution… lives and changes… which is code language for’ we are smarter than the Founding Fathers.’

These groups need to read the Federalist Papers.

Only one who believes in original intent is worthy of an appointment to the bench, otherwise you are saying that our culture i.e. South Park, Kardasians and Jersey Shore, should be our social benchmarks.

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