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Posted on June 25, 2010 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

For a long time conservative like me, this is a tough issue to blog on. I lean left on the Gulf oil spill mess. So, call me a flaming liberal; no pun intended.

For over a month or two, Obama watched the oil spill spread over the Gulf of Mexico with the same powerless shock as other Americans. Regarding this, the right wing pundits got a big time pay back for Bush slander on Katrina. Yep, Bush should have stopped the hurricane & Obama could plug the leak.

Lampooned by his contingency & ‘my people’ for his impotence, Obama was spurred into action. He attacked the only available party—BP—and, to underline the stress with which he takes this problem, he gave his first Oval Office address on the subject. Lawsuits! That is what the professional/motivational speaker/professor said. Where is “mission-accomplished-bush” when you need him!

Obama’s address got poor reviews; his attack on BP better ones. Last week the firm bowed to pressure, and announced that it was, in effect, handing over $20 billion to the government to pay for compensation and clean-up, as well as cancelling the payment of any dividends this year and setting up a fund—of a mere $100m—to compensate unemployed oil workers.

This may do Obama some good. Whether it will benefit our friends in the Gulf is more doubtful. Businessmen are already blue, shot-down by the economy and nervous of their president’s attitude towards free markets.

I lean very left on this one. Where are those ‘onerous-left-wing-regulations” when you need them? Anyone who says the ‘free market’ can solve this mess needs history lessons.

Go get ‘em Obama! Sue everyone later, but fix the problem first.

May God richly bless our friends in the Gulf as this drags on.

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