Those who Teach…

Posted on September 19, 2011 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

The bible says those who teach are held to a higher standard & federal prosecutors acknowledged that they made some “honest mistakes” in a high-profile Foreign Corrupt Practices Act case, but disputed in a brief
filed on Sept. 5 that those oversights rose to the level of misconduct.

The government’s filing addressed concerns voiced by U.S. District Judge
Howard Matz in Los Angeles that the government’s “astonishing” and
“troublesome” mishandling of the case might warrant dismissing the indictment
against two former executives of Lindsey Manufacturing Co. who were convicted on
FCPA charges. Defense lawyers moved to dismiss the charges based on prosecutorial
misconduct one day before a May 10 jury verdict went against their clients.

I think the Judge need grant this Motion. If our prosecutors get by with this behavior then what is next? After all those who teach…

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