The Kitchen Sink

Posted on May 14, 2014 in Sub-Prime Mortgages in Arizona

The investigation of fraud presents a hard core challenge due to the fraudster’s desire to hide his crimes. These guys require lawyers who are familiar with the types of schemes undertaken by fraudsters and the methods they use to hide their tracks. After 28 years, our law firm has seen it all! When we sue, we toss the kitchen sink at these guys!

Our lawsuits include:

  • Quantification of Fraud-Related Losses
  • Top Notch Expert Testimony
  • Analysis of  Cash Flow & Asset Misappropriation
  • Employee Fraud Investigations- Often the Meekly Bookkeeper
  • Fraud Prevention by Computer and Old School Methods
  • Analysis of Ponzi & Other Financial Schemes
  • Financial Transaction Tracing / Reconstruction
  • Hidden Asset Searches and Analysis
  • Involvement of Governing Authority SEC, FBI, AZ Attorney General, FINRA, Local Police
  • Stop Loss Measures
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