Posted on September 1, 2009 in Sub-Prime Mortgages in Arizona

“Tarantulas” was the term philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche used for those who are consumed by resentment. Unable themselves to be great at anything, they burn with a feverish fervor, expressed as righteous anger, to tear down the reputations of those who are great. Nietzsche regarded it as one of our deepest, darkest motivations. I think of my fellow counsel in two major cases I am working as Tarantulas. Each opposing firm has 100’s of lawyers on staff and offices all over the country, but we keep winning every possible motion. All rulings sway our way. In both matters we have the facts. In both matters we have the law. These lawyers can only be explained by Nietzsche. Often a large firm is like an HMO. Some good docs, some not too good and the bad ones hide behind their doors. Believe me, bigger is NOT better when it comes to law firms.

If you want a fair evaluation of a stock scam, real estate deal gone bust or commercial litigation matter, call Bill Miller at 602.319.6899. My Scottsdale, Arizona, law firm has been handing it to the white shirt law firms for 22 years. Tarantulas and all.

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