No Ticky, No Laundry

Posted on February 19, 2009 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

At the law firm of William A. Miller in Phoenix Arizona, we take Arizona-granted licenses as a privilege. You cannot build a house without a contractor’s license. You cannot give legal advice without a law degree and license to practice law. Good luck suing in this State if you do not possess one. If you build a house without proper authority, good luck suing the homeowner, our Courts will toss you out.

The same goes for trying to sell beers at a burger joint, no license, no beers.

We just filed a multi-million dollar suit against a group of entrepreneurs who bought bank loans with unused lines of credit for pennies on the dollar. Now they are trying to foreclose. The law does not allow such and over the next few weeks, we will be reminding the Court and the entrepreneurs that acting like a bank requires a license! We’ll keep you posted on the results.

I know I am aging myself but like Bob Hope used to say in the “Road Show” flicks, “no ticky, no laundry.”

If some non-licensed group has hampered you, be it selling you worthless stock without a securities license or giving you liposuction without a medical license, give us a call to discuss your rights. Our number is 480.948.3095.


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