Money is Green

Posted on March 2, 2009 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

Why are all the con men now “going green”? Pretty simple. These are the same type of idiots and narcissistic jerks who polluted our rivers in the 1940-50’s. It is where the money is. It is easy money because there are no rules. It is a brand new industry and language and the best B.S. gets the contract and hustles the rest.

Remember money is green. Add that to the fact that our President, who only recently was well versed enough in economics & finance to buy his first home at the age of 43, gave a few hundred billion to going green and you have a perfect storm. My due diligence first question to the potential green investment guru on a client’s behalf is… How long have you been a member of Green Peace or the Sierra Club? Rhetorical indeed. Call the Law Firm of William Miller with further questions about any investment in stocks, real estate or the ‘go green’ tsunami. 602-319-6899.

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