Ironite Fertilizer Victory

Posted on January 24, 2014 in Arizona Loan Workout

On October 15, 2013 after four years plus of bare-knuckle litigation and high stakes legal positioning the investment bankers who financed Ironite have their victory. Case closed.

The law firm of William A. Miller represented these investment bankers when the former operator of Ironite Fertilizer sued them for a host of unfounded claims demanding millions and millions in compensation. William A. Miller fought for the investment bankers from the initial motions, through a brutal discovery schedule and all the way to final disposition.

The case saw five different Maricopa County Superior Court Judges, a highly skilled arbitrator, two hostile white shoe law firms and numerous twists and turns. By the end, the case started looking like a Grisham novel.

The Law Firm of William A. Miller was fortunate to have retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Thomas Zlaket co-chair significant aspects of the case. The steady hand and wise counsel of Justice Zlaket helped obtain a dismissal of the tort-based claims against the individual investment bankers right before trial.

The docket reads like War and Peace

The Peace coming when we won in late 2013.

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