I Left my Heart in California

Posted on February 20, 2009 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

I just sent in my annual money for registration of a vintage car I own to the great State of California. I drive it too much, yet I cannot bear to drop the California plates. The car is classic, just like my memories of California. It is where I was born, but I was raised in Arizona. Back then in the 60’s and 70’s, we did things right in Arizona. Self made men. No excuses for failure. No social climbing needed. You fight, you win. You quit, you lose. That is it! “Buckle down kid”, that is what my dad said. Yet, California went French on me over the last few years.

California is now in a French-like bind: unable to afford a welfare-type state, and unable to overhaul it. “The people say they want all these programs, then there’s nothing they want to pay for,” says Hector De La Torre, a Democratic assemblyman. “The schizophrenia in the legislature reflects the peoples’.” Let us pray that Arizona stays true to Goldwater type freedom and self reliance.

We do not take wimpy cases at the law firm of William A. Miller in Scottsdale. No coffee burn scams. No the-teacher-was-mean-to-my-kid nonsense. But, if you really have been injured by a real estate or stock scam, give us a call at 480-948-3095. We will strive to make things right the old fashion way. The Arizona way.

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