God’s Grace

Posted on March 23, 2010 in Sub-Prime Mortgages in Arizona

I just got back from my beach house in San Diego with a sad story regarding the direction of our Country.

OK, it was very late, I had my old golden retriever Rose, a backpack beach chair, a nasty beard, a surf t-shirt, G-Star jeans from France (looked gnarly by design) and a rusty beach bike. I went to the liquor store to buy water for my prayer time on the beach that night. I needed to put the water in a paper bag so I could ride to the beach on the bike with Rose’s leash in my other hand.

Looking back, the bag of water must have looked like a 40 ounce beer. I looked like death warmed over because I had not shaved in a few days, had worked 10 hours at home and driven six hours without a stop to get to San Diego.

I almost got beat up big time by three college kids who shouted evil things and nicknamed me “HOMELESS.” They smacked me a time or two and had the nerve to mock sweet Rose. All because of who they thought I looked like.

I learned to fight as a young man (my son Billy is on his way to the Golden Gloves) and I think they were surprised I fought back so darn hard. Punks! My first thought was, I’ll bet I could have bought and sold your parents in two seconds, but that’s not the point, the point is Grace. Who taught these little brats to mock the poor, weak or homeless?

Today, I just learned that two preteens assaulted a woman walking home through a playground as part of a violent game called “Catch and Wreck,” in which children identify targets they think are homeless and then beat and rob them for fun.

An 11-year-old boy was arrested Monday night and charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and robbery, Philadelphia police Lt. John Walker said.

A 12-year-old girl was charged shortly after the Friday night attack in southwest Philadelphia. The victim was surrounded by children, then punched and hit with sticks, police said. She suffered minor injuries to her knee and head and delayed seeking medical attention to help police with the investigation.

What is going on out there? I can only ask that parents, clergy and educators help stop this negative attitude towards the poor and homeless. I’ll be giving my jeans to Goodwill, hopefully whoever gets them is not on the receiving end of some idiot who doesn’t know grace or at least “get it.” Anyone could be there. Trust me, I felt it!

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