A Ship without a Sail

Posted on June 2, 2009 in Arizona Law Regarding Business and Real Estate

I just finished lunch with one of the smartest and richest guys in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He knows I am writing this post as he teased me about being silent the last few weeks. I told him I was WORKING on legal briefs and I did not have time to blog about the Arizona legal world and litigation.

Blogging is a luxury like being so well off you can — go green or eat only vegan.¬†Working stiffs have no such luck.

Anyway, this guy told me he was so depressed at the markets–all of them–that he is like ship without a sail. I knew what he meant.

Too much time checking Drudge or WSJ. It is time to WORK. SAVE. PRAY. FIGHT. It’s not time to drift. For me this means going back to my legal roots. Doing my own legal research. Showing up 110% ready to fight. No more blogs for a while. Well, no more until this guy pays me. Hey, its almost six figures.

You real estate guys would do better getting in your car and driving to properties and meeting clients as opposed to sitting in front of the PC like a ship without …

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